Enhance Videos with Live-Clipping

Bubbl adds a "Clip this!" feature for fans

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Let Fans Clip!

Bubbl integrates natively to your site or app, instantly letting your fans create custom video clips in real time. We then work with our partners to make the most out of your video clips, including the following:

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Fun and Easy

Our native ‘Bubblr’ lets fans clip, edit, and share video clips without interrupting video views or leaving a site. It’s a lightweight widget hooked up to a robust back-end that manages video assets and makes everything feel oh so smooth.

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Make Clips Matter

Bubbl transforms videos into snackable, mobile-friendly clips that can be shared across social and messaging apps. Best of all, we empower fans to do the clipping and sharing, but still provide publishers control over messaging, attribution, and click-throughs. Win-win, baby.

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Select a video from our library below, and try creating a bubbl for yourself. Go on and make us proud, young bubblr.

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