Tools + Tech

'Cuz the Builders gonna Build, Build, Build. Or something like that.

Video Clipping + Remixing Tools

URL Copy + Paste

Copy and paste a link to an online video into the entry bar on the top of the Bubbl website (see above) to use our video remix and clip tool. Fo’ free!

JavaScript Plugin

Client-side selective stream capture tech. Enables partners to add user-generated video remixing and clipping features to online video! Mobile friendly.

WordPress Plugin

“Freemium” plugin that adds a native remix pannel with “clip-and-share” tech to videos on your Wordpress blog. Super simple install. Send feedback!

Chrome Extension

We’re wrapping up a Chrome extension that makes every site “Bubbl-friendly.” Using IP magic, the extension adds our “Clip this!” CTA and remix pannel to every video you see.

Text Overlay

We added text-overlay feature to our remix pannel so that fans can create “video memes.” Yeeee!

Clip Tags

Recevied feedback to add tags to clips. Well, you got it! Our remix pannel now has tag insertion, and we index clips by tag entries. Clip, clip!

Native Experiences + Technology Website

HTML5 website with cloud-based video editing using our snappy proprietary process. You’re actually on the site right now…meta!

Video Summation Tech

Algorithmic video summation tech that turns long-form videos into 1-min summaries based on the most popular fan-created clips. Secret sauce-y.

Reaction Video Creator

Native iOS app that makes it super simple for fans to create reaction videos inner-stitched with online video content. We had a lot of fun building this.

Commentary Tech

Enabling fans to add picture-in-picture and/or audio commentary on online videos at the click of a button. Pretty early-on still.

Core Technology Stack

Video Auto-Ingestion

Robust Auto-ingestion engine detects new video assets and auto-magically downloads them for preprocessing. No one lifts a finger.

Predictive Clip Creation

Automated pre-generation of “parent” clips and dynamic “child clip” creation to provide extremely low latency video clipping.

Processing Architecture

Proprietary processing method that reports the highest quality video asset possible with the lowest file size in market. Like a Crunchwrap Supreme Slider.

Clip Search + Feed

Index and API support to either search or surface video clips by specific metadata (e.g., tags, caetgories, subject), also works in real time as clips are created. Clips are algorithmically indexed using inherited metadata from source video files as well as user inputted-tags and captions.

Native Player Support

Our core product offering is fully integrated with the largest video players on the web, allowing for lightning quick deployments.

Instant Clip Preview

Bubbl is the only clipping product that dynamically creates actual clip previews in real time, giving end users full remix control over content.

Video + Data Analytics

Publisher Dashboard

Publishers have full control over each and every clip that is created from their content. If they want to turn one off and promote another, they can.

Clip Performance

Monitor performance and engagement of video content at a granular second-by-second basis aggregated across social network and email sharing.

Clip-based Ad Units

We’re selectively rolling out unique bumper ad units to partner’s clips. We’re excited to help our publishers earn more from their content.

Sharing Tools

URL Share

Every Bubbl clip receives a unique URL and landing page. Copy the link and share your fine clip anywhere you’d like

Twitter Card

Our custom designed Twitter card allows for a unique in-line sharing experience - stop tweeting those ugly URL links!

Email Share

Now you can send a clip directly to your or someone else’s email! Check your inbox!

Text Share

This is definitely one of our favorite ways to share clips! For iPhone users, iOS 10 allows for in-line clip viewing and looping videos making the sharing experience that much better


Unless protected by the publisher, the clips you create are available to download so you can share wherever you wanna’.


Bubbl clips are easily embeddable in blog posts or on your website by copying and pasting a simple block of code.

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